What is Sisu Football?

Sisu Football is about  passion, energy and finding joy in football & movement. “I want to help players & teams succeed through providing comprehensive training programs & creating a fun, energetic environment.”

– Daniel Stevens

About Daniel

Former Professional player & New York native Daniel Stevens launched  Sisu Football in 2019 as a way to give back to the game that has given him so much. 

* UEFA A Student  2021

* UEFA B License 

* USSF Licensed Coach 

* Certified Speed & Agility Coach 


“Football is one of life’s great teachers. It is one of life’s great inspirations”

Sisu Football Process

The Sisu Football coaching methodology is based on four elements: Commitment, Courage, Ability, and Confidence.

  • Commitment: The act of committing to training and giving your best.
  • Courage: Daring to try new things and having the courage to fail.
  • Ability:   Being in a commited state of courage allows for unique ability to grow.
  • Confidence:  with the new Abilities created through commitment and courage the players confidence will continue to grow

Sisu Football helps players train intentionally and become technically, tactically, and physically well-rounded.


To help players find well-being, success, and meaningful experiences through football.


To effectively “Give Back” to the game  of Football .